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Students and Graduates

Grammar and Punctuation: Module Topics

Module 1: Grammar Groaners and Comma Trauma

  • General overview of parts of speech: Subject/predicate agreement, nouns as objects of verbs; conjunctions, root words and derivatives.
  • Compound sentences, dependent versus independent phrases, introductory phrases, interrupting phrases.

Module 2: Sentence Stumpers and Perplexing Punctuation

  • Clipped sentences versus phrases and clauses; Nouns as objects of prepositional phrases; prepositions, nouns, and adjectives in series; "same word, different function.
  • Essential versus nonessential phrases; unusual word order; the punctuation of prepositions, adjectives and nouns in a series; semicolons.

Module 3:  Vital Verbs, Mystifying Modifiers, and Hyphen Hassles

  • Time-sensitive verbs, gerunds, infinitives; identifying adjectives versus adverbs, appositives, tenses.
  • Hyphens, punctuating compound modifiers, dashes, possessive plurals.

Module 4: Potpourri

  • Pronouns; proper nouns, generic nouns and entities.
  • Quotes, colons, periods, drug dosages, abbreviations.

Module 5:  Punctuating Lab Data

  • Analyzing sentence structure, grouping labs together.
  • Lab data rules and examples.