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Grammar and Punctuation Workshop

The most effective, and often the most highly paid medical transcriptionists and editors have a good grasp of English grammar and punctuation. This webinar series is an excellent choice for individuals looking to refresh rusty skills or build a solid foundation for writing and editing. This self-paced workshop is taught by Diana Gish, CMT, AHDI-F, and Michelle Marino, CMT, AHDI-F. The series consists of five recorded webinar sessions and includes a copy of the Power Point used during each session, handouts, and skill assessment quizzes, also access to monthly live Grammar and Punctuation Q&A webinars. Topics covered include identifying parts of speech, compound sentences, punctuating different types of sentences, use and punctuation of abbreviations, and much, much more. This webinar series clears up much of the confusion people have regarding grammar and punctuation and provides skills to enhance your career.


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