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HIPAA Compliance Course Outline

  • Understand the history of HIPAA and what it means in both patient privacy and security.
  • Define protected health information (PHI) and established identifiable elements.
  • Explain the differences between covered entities and business associates.
  • Understand jurisdiction of state and federal laws as they pertain to HIPAA.
  • Identify potential security and privacy risks within your working environment.
  • Understand the importance of avoiding any breach of individually identifiable information and the consequences from such a breach.
  • Recognize that accessing data is limited only for the purpose of fulfilling the responsibilities of your role.
  • Identify and follow written policies and procedures to protect the security and privacy of individually identifiable information.
  • Identify content elements to be included in a report of disclosure for a breach incident.
  • Understand the penalties related to violations of federal and state privacy laws.
  • Identify practices that could be considered as false claim.
  • Recognize items included within the scope of e-Discovery.
  • Identify important content elements needed within healthcare reports.
  • Understand guidelines for documentation in health records.
  • Explain the purpose of the legal medical record.
  • Understand the role that regulatory agencies serve in improving patient safety and enhancing the delivery of quality healthcare.
  • Recognize items included on the Do Not Use Abbreviation list.